Stone Properties:  

Abalone  Heals & calms emotions
Agate (all varieties) Stabilizes the aura, grounds energy
Amber  Purifies body, mind & spirit 
Amethyst  Spirituality & contentment 
Ametrine  Releases blockages 
Ammolite Detoxifying, aids energy flow, rebirth
Ammonite Attracts health, prosperity & success
Amazonite Calming comfort, emotional issue
Angelite  Peace; communication with Angels
Angel Phantom Lucid dreaming, inner peace, higher self
Anandalite kundalini, self-awakening & helps fulfill one's true potential
Apache Tear Grounding, Balance, aids depression
Apatite Stone of manifestation, weight loss
Apophyllite  Spiritual visualization, astral travel                                            
Aquamarine Intellect, preparedness & courage, sheilding 
Aragonite Centers & balances energy/self-confidence
Atlantisite Security, helps us establish "boundaries"
Astrophyllite Illuminates your true self
Axinite Strength & endurance
Aventurine   Stone of prosperity, healing, leadership
Azurite-Malachite  Strengthens visualization 
Black Tourmaline Overall Protection; deflects negativity 
Bloodstone Intense healing & realigning; purifies blood 
Blue Chalcedony Alleviates hostility, irritability, depression
Blue Lace Agate Expression, brings hope, clears frustration
Bronzite Promotes resolution to unfinished issues 
Botswana Agate Sensuality, fertility, self- discovery
Calcite Increase & amplifies energy
Carnelian  Personal power, initiative, release envy/fear
Cephalopod Enhance telepathy & stimulate the mind
Charoite Transforms fears, spiritual transformation 
Chiastolite      Insight into past, Akashic Records
Chrysocolla  Inner strength & vitality, earth energy 
Chrysophrase Deepens meditation 
Citrine  Personal power, prosperity (career success) 
Coral - Agatized Intuition & visualization
Dalmation Jasper Service, reflection, loyality, ground & center
Danburite Facilitates deep change
Dendritic Agate Prosperity,wealth, abundance,creativity
Desert Rose Rejuvinator, stress pain relief, family unity
Dumortierite  Patience, Reduces excitability
Emerald  Inspiration, patience, love
Fire Agate  Provides protective shield, spiritual renewal
Fluorite  Discourages chaos, Increase health/wellness
Fulgurite Manifesting through the power of prayer. 
Garnet  Health, foundation, business success
Hematite  Remove self-limits, grounding / clarity
Howlite Aids discernment, studying, awareness 
Iolite Assists intuitive insight, eliminate debt  
Jade  Wisdom, confidence, serenity, luck
Jasper (all varieties) Nurturing & grounding energies
Jet  Alleviates unreasonable fears & protects
Kunzite  Opens the heart to love
Kyanite  Tranquil, calming, balancing, dispel blocks
Labradorite  Positive transformation, keeps aura clear 
Lapis Lazuli Total awareness; perception, 3rd eye 
Larimar   calm transition, throat/communication
Lepidolite  Releases & heals stress, OCD, anxiety
Lionskin Jasper Clarity balance, vitality, strength 
Lodestone assists in relieving burdens, manifesting
Magnesite Underst&ing disease, find inner core
Mangano Calcite (pink) brings acceptance & self love 
Malachite  Stone of transformation, emotional clear       
Moldavite Accelerates spiritual growth
Mookaite Versatility, helps you to accept change. 
Moonstone  Beginning, fertility, intuitive, protection
Black Moonstone Grounding, gradual financial increase
Moss Agate Refresh the soul, success, compatibility
Nuumite Sorcerers stone, aids spiritual growth
Obsidian (all varieties)  Protection from negativity & lower vibrations  
Onyx, (black)  Personal strength & self-control, protect
Opalite Enhance intuitive abilities & visions
Peacock Ore Re-discover long forgotten knowledge
Peridot  Emits warm healing energy, prosperity 
Petrified Wood Assists with past life work     
Picasso Stone Develops creative talents
Picture Jasper Releases repressed thoughts & feelings
Pietersite Promotes self loyalty, vision stone
Prasiolite Acceptance of self, access power
Prehnite  Encourages prophecy, dreaming           
Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)  will-power, healing, self control
Quartz, clear  Direct energy or for intent; Harmony
Rhodocrosite Self-accept, self-less love, soulmate
Rhodonite Emotional balancer, lifts vibration
Rose Quartz Love/compassion, attract positive energy
Ruby, zoisite  Soul memory, spiritual learning
Rutilated Quartz Anti-depressant stone, manifesting
Scolecite Spiritual transformation, communication
Selenite  clearing/alignment with higher vibrations
Seraphinite Enlightenment & self healing, angels 
Serpentine Aids meditation, kundalini rising
Shiva Lingam Balance Male/Female and home energy, 
Shungite overall health,shields against EMF, antioxidant (water)
Smoky Quartz Neutralize negativity, depression/fears 
Sodalite  Assists finding truth, trust & communication
Stilbite  Provides loving support
Sugilite Instills freedom & inspiration, past life clearing
Sunstone  Energizes, brings abundance, luck
Tektite Activates 3rd eye
Tiger Eye  Willpower, confidence/clarity, intuitive abilities
Tourmaline, Black Protection from negativity & lower vibrations  
Turquoise  Healer of the Spirit, Spiritual attunement
Unakite  protects energy from others; especially mother with baby
Vesuvianite Embrace true yearnings of the heart
Wulfenite Clear emotional blockages

Gemstones, Minerals & Crystals have been mined from the earth & have their own naturally positive energy.  They have been used for many centuries by people of many cultures.  History shows us crystals & stones have been historically used for healing, bringing luck/protection, warding off evil, & empowering oneself by stimulating latent talents & strengthening weaknesses in character & personality.  The energy works whether you believe in the stones or not.  However, positive thinking with a "good luck charm” can assist how well & quickly it works!

 Accessing & Working with their Energies
Stones channel & store natural positive earth energies.  However they also can absorb the energies of anyone who touches them.  Gemstones should be cleansed to remove any negative energies they may have absorbed prior to working with them.  Consider the best cleansing method depending on the stones to be cleansed.  Some minerals are actually water-soluble & may dissolve if exposed to water. Salt water can discolor or slowly take off the smoothness from tumbling or polishing the stone.   
Smudge Cleanse:  (Sage, Cedar or Frankincense incense)
The safest method for cleansing gemstones. Choose the scent or herb of your preference that clears energy.  Hold the stone through the stream of smoke (or a place in a basket where the smoke goes through the weaves) - & intend on the negative energies being cleared.  (Can be done however often as needed.)
Moonlight & Sunlight Cleanse:  Via natural light energizing.  Place your stones outside for 24 hours or longer for an effective cleanse & charge for them.  Highly recommended for night of the Full Moon.  Use caution with some stones that will fade in the sunlight & stone colors may also change if exposed to extreme temperatures.  (Amethyst & Rose Quartz for examples.  Can also uncloud a quartz point.)  For water-soluble stones, remember to check the weather forecast for precipitation. 
Water cleansing:  Before using this method  be sure your stone/mineral can be under the water for a few minutes without damage.  While doing this you should concentrate on the stones energy & ask that all negative vibrations be dispersed. Allow the stone to dry on a soft cloth. If you live near a river or stream, it would be even more beneficial to cleanse your stones there. Consider placing them in a pouch before you submerge them, so as not to lose them in the current.
Cluster Cleansing:  Smaller stones can be placed on clear Quartz or Amethyst cluster, or on top of a piece of selenite.  Cleanse your clusters, occasionally, via another method.
Burying:  Placing the stones directly in the earth or inside of a potted plant. If you do this outdoors, be sure to mark the spot. The stone should remain buried for a full day (24 hrs) at least. 
Optional - Prayer, Blessing, & Programming
After cleansing, you can also charge or program it to make it more focused and effective. This is how you give it a purpose or intention. (For example, if you purchased or were given a stone to help you release negative energy, you should program it to do this.) The programming itself is very easy. Simply hold the stone & concentrate on the specific intent you have for it.  Pray, however is best for your beliefs or request blessing for the energy. Another element is to visualize the end result you wish to accomplish & add emotional energy to help attract the intention.   
Raw vs Tumbled or polished?  People may prefer one over the other, depending on the use, purpose or location worn.

Raw – natural, untouched state from the earth
Tumbled/polished – brings in more light, giving more radiance; soft on the skin, making it more usable