Massage therapy,  healing bodywork, Reiki - Energywork and more

product availability.... coming to O'Fallon

Picture at left from former retail shop location in Swansea, closed on July 2nd, 2016.  

At right:  Meditating image of chakra centers and energy flow from root to crown at top.

Jennifer Deschene, Licensed Massage therapist, offers personalized therapeutic sessions by appointment only.  Intuitively blended modalities or you choose your focus - Relaxation, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral therapy, Esalen style, Hot Stones, Reiki or Energy balancing.      

On-site parties, events, classes, or group meditations can be scheduled as well.   

(618) 409-3869 voice or text.

Small & Medium tumbled Gemstones:

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Tiger Eye,Calcite & more - the full list is coming!

Larger specimen pieces will be available at Crystal Fest, Sept 24-25th and/or be posted for sale here or on Facebook.

Sage bundles, 5" & 9" available for pickup or local delivery.  Essential Oils - list will be posted.  Thank you for your patience as I continue to make updates and focus on scheduling individual client sessions.

New Client Special!  $44 for 60 minutes of Massage Therapy or Reiki Energywork